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d2d is an international simultaneous moment of dance, designed to bring awareness to climate change by disrupting business as usual with arresting, theatrical movement imagery. Starting in New York City on Earth Day, April 22nd, 2018, and spreading next year to participants worldwide, groups  stage their own choreography in open spaces and broadcast those dances through social media. United by a clear color scheme and improvisational movement score, participants in different locations perform dances that are linked, yet unique to the individuals and cultures that create them.  Dancers do not have to be technically trained, there is no cost to participate, and everyone is welcome! 

Founders Suki John, PhD and Kim Meijer are piloting dance2degrees in New York City this Earth Day. We plan to reach out internationally to rally dancers, non-dancers, choreographers and photographers to participate worldwide in 2019. By creating robust social media engagement, stunning imagery and engaging encounters, we encourage concerned global citizens to share images and take action. Using agit-prop techniques - stopping traffic and artfully disrupting central venues – we create surprise and delight, so passers-by post images to their social networks.


Participants, organizers, and serendipitous viewers share these strong visuals via social media around the world, pointing people directly to our website where they can find clear information and suggestions for Action Steps. dance2degrees aims to bring immediate, visceral attention to the existential issue of climate change, and to stimulate activism toward real solutions.

Go to to join us, get more information, or better yet, lead a group in your area!!

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