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Suki has had the pleasure of collaborating with many exceptional artists including composers Joel Diamond, Ernesto Márquez, SUBA, Kenny Pearson, Amiel Stewart, and Till Meyn; directors Bill Conte, Shannon Marshall, and Peter Wallace; co-producers Ninotchka Bennahum and Narciso Medina; photographers Casey Stoll, Bob Schaffer, and David Garten, whose wonderful images grace the volume Cuban Contemporary Dance; lighting designers Phil Sandstrom and Roma Flowers; scenic designers Eduardo Arrocha and Bojana Ristic; and costume designers Bjanca Adzic, Nancy duBois, Patty Sayers, Alfonso Tarazona, and Vlada. Suki is also collaborating with renown American Ballet Theater ballerina Susan Jaffe on a new book.


Suki wrote the libretto, directed and choreographed SH’MA, an evening-length choreodrama based on her family’s experience in the Holocaust. She collaborated on the original score with Yugoslav composer Mitar Subotic, a.k.a. SUBA. The work was commissioned by the People’s Theater of Yugoslavia and premiered in 1990 with 25 performers in Novi Sad,

part of the Former Yugoslavia.
With the help of a space grant from the 92nd Street Y, Suki served as producer, fundraiser, grant writer, choreographer, dancer, and public relations director to revive SH’MA in New York with 13 dancers, 2 actors and 1 singer for the Harkness Dance Center Jewish Voices Series in 1998; Washington Irving HS and Temple Beth Shalom, 1999. A 40-minute version was produced by the US Army Communications Command, Montmouth, NJ, 1999. One scene was presented in the First New York Festival of Jewish Culture, at YIVO, 2001. Suki hopes to reset SH’MA, her most important work, in other multicultural settings and companies.



dance2degrees is an international moment of dance designed to bring awareness to the existential issue of climate change, and to give global citizens ideas for action.


Dancers in New York City disrupt business as usual in well-traveled spaces this Earth Day, April 22, 2018. Surprising and delighting passers-by, sharing globally on social media, dance2degrees directs viewers to a clearing house of information about what YOU can do to combat climate change. Climate justice is social justice. 

Our plan is to Our organize dance2degrees 

internationally on every Earth Day until the issue of climate change is addressed proactively worldwide.


2 Degrees Celsius: the crucial tipping point for climate change

Upcoming Guest Choregraphy:

UNCSA, Fall 2018

In fall 2018, Suki will travel to UNSCA to add blurb about UNCSA Choreography (link will take them to all) 

Most recently, Suki has choreographed L'Vor D'Or at TCU.

A sample of some of Suki's choreographic work are accessible by clicking the teal button above. 

Her favorite choregraphic works include:

  • Havana Love Letter / Cartas de Amor

  • Sh'ma

  • BarrigaBestia